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Our Customer Testimonials
Certificate of Appreciation - River Hongabao 2010

Into its 24th year, River Hongbao 2010 ushered the year of the Tiger with a big bang. This is the second time River Hongbao was held on The Float @ Marina Bay (previously known as Marina Bay Floating Platform). The festivities lasted throughout for 9 days from 12th to 20th February 2010 with the closing on the 7th day of the Chinese New Year. Visitors to River Hongbao 2010 were treated to exciting experiences, enriched with light and sound. The venue came alive at night with the wide varieties of stage performances from Chengdu, Taiwan and Singapore.

Testimonial by Kosmic Film on MISIA Concert

Kosmic Film extends its heartfelt gratitude to all those who played a part in materialising the huge success of our first concert, as well as Misia’s first Singapore performance.

A great success to MISIA concert

The stage effects, sound and pyros were amazing and truly lives up to a Jpop concert. Me and my friends enjoyed so much and this is the best concert i ever attended. Everyone was so high and danced throughout the whole concert, and the stage effects were really good.

Testimonial by Club21 on S'pore Garden Fest

Thank you for your professional advise & the fabulous support from your team. Kindly please thank Jeff, Yusof, Saiful and all the crews involved in the set up on behalf.

Great show at Singapore Business Awards!

Thank you for all the wonderful effort put into the event! Great Sound and Lighting support, and staying up all night to make sure everything worked!

Avril Lavigne Concert rocks!

The sound was great and the gig was awesome, many many thanksto the CSP crew who had done a great job in helping out the Pervy Boy!!!!!!!!

Pro Audio Asia

Everything ran like clockwork, Womad's touring roduction manager Steve Fields said, "The vibe within the crew was very positive - nothing seemed to be a problem and, most importantly from an artist and audience point of view, there was a seamless production with smiles all round. That's what it's all about."

Entertainment Technology Asia (ETECH)

etech: What was the sound and lighting design for the show? Who were the sound and lighting designers involved with the concert? Craig Burridge: The sound system design was done by myself in collaboration with Yamauchi and Daniel Chua fron CSP, with some input on the speaker configuration from EAW head-office in UK. etech: How many sound engineers and other technical personnel were involved with the set up of the concert? Craig Burridge: Yamauchi and I were the engineers. Audio tech crew involved 9 members and it was a funtastic crew! They rocked! It was definitely one of the most experienced and skilled crews I have had pleasure of working with for a long time. Main guys were Zul, Rudi, Danny, Eddie, Nick, Billy, Simon, Kei Ji and Nicky. Many thanks to them for working hard to make Yama's and my job easy!

The New Paper

Upon stepping into the portals of Nike Park, the first thing that hits you is the immerse amount of effort put in by Nike Singapore to generate this aura of mystique around the Scorpion KO. Dim lights, scrap metal, oil drums...and a crown jewel at the end of the hall: The Cage. It's a perfect reproduction of the set used in the commercial.

Travel Weekly East

The fact that the team managed to draw pretty good acoustics from the Convention Hall at Suntec City, which is not built for concerts, was testimony to their expertise.

The Straits Times

The festival organisers are to be applauded for transforming a drab convention hall into a great concert setting. The fabulous sound system ensured that the music came through loud and clear. One regular bugbear of jazz lovers here has been the way many jazz musicians are often plonked unthinkingly into hotel ballrooms - which double as venues - with inadequate sound systems and murky acoustics. But organisers have proved that a little attention to detail, and a good sound systems, works wonders in unexpected settings.

Music Vox TP RAWKS 2016 band

Thank you for your helping us through last night's TP RAWKS Jam & Hop - with the band's technical needs, and for providing all the necessary equipment. Thank you also for mixing the band's sound last night, for tirelessly setting up the entire stage and running the band through their sound check. Without your help and expertise, the band would not have been able to pull off their performance and we thank you for your time and effort!

We hope you enjoyed the performance, and hope that there will be more chances to work together in the future.